10 Best Paid Jobs in the Property Sector

The property sector is one that is always changing and has recently been one industry in which many college graduates and others to get into. Why is this? The property sector has been growing thanks to the economy becoming more stable. There are several job openings within this sector that can earn a person a decent living and give job security. For those who are interested in becoming employed within this sector, here are some of the best paid jobs within the property sector.

Property Broker

A property broker is a person who is going to be involved in getting property into the hands of buyers. They do vary from a real estate agent in that they are often working with commercial businesses to get properties. In addition, they may not simply focus on one area, they may be looking for property worldwide for clients.  On average, brokers earn $80,000 USD. However, those in the private sector have been known to have incomes that are in the six figures.

Property Sector

Leasing Manager

A leasing manager is going to be the head figure over apartments, rental homes and the like. The leasing manager is responsible for ensuring everything is up to code, keeping the owners of these complexes and homes informed about what is going on, screening tenants, receiving money for the rent, and basically overseeing the entire operation. Depending upon the number of properties a lease manager has, on average they earn $40,000 USD for a property.

Facilities Manager

Similar to a leasing manager, a facilities manager is going to usually be in charge of commercial properties. Several businesses often rent their storage and workspace rather than buy. The facilities manager is going to ensure that everything is being done according to the rules and regulations that have been set forth by the building owner, as well as the area in which the building is located. On average, this position earn $89,390 USD.

Real Estate Market Analyst

A real estate market analyst is going to look at the market and make predictions on what could happen in the future. Due to their experience in the market, they are often hired by firms who are in the business of buying and selling properties for profit. On average, they earn $56,000 USD per year.


A landlord owns the building in which is being rented. While there are several landlords who contract out for leasing managers or facility managers, the landlord is ultimately the one responsible for the condition of the building. The landlord does have to purchase the property and then ensure it is up to standard before leasing or renting this to any consumer or commercial business. A landlord can have an unlimited salary, as they are earning whatever the rent they charge minus expenses associated with the property.

Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent works with businesses and individuals alike to find homes to buy or rent. They also work on selling these properties for clients. The agent is the main person who gives tours of the home, showcases it features and gets the home to move on the market. It is a very lucrative career for those who are outgoing and deal well with people. These agents often make anywhere from 10 to 25% of a sale.

Development and Construction

With all the new land that comes up for sale, for those who are interested development and construction could be the perfect career. These people find the land, and then build a building, apartment complexes or the like that they hope to sell to someone else. The amount earned per year will depend on how many properties are sold and at what price they are sold for.

Real Estate Entrepreneur

Those who are entrepreneurs in the real estate field are often going to be involved in flipping properties. They often buy a home or building, redo the interior and exterior and hope to sell this for a higher profit in a few months. It is considered a high risk career to be involved in.  In most cases, these entrepreneurs try to make an average of 50% more than what they paid in hopes of doubling their money.

Investment Banking

While most people think of this career as being financial, which it is, there are those dedicated to the property sector who are investment bankers. They are going to be the people who are looking at the mortgages on properties, recalculating figures on these loans, and they often use the market analysis as a great start for figuring out just what to expect.  On average these investment bankers earn $70,000 USD per year.

Real Estate Advisory

An advisor to real estate is often found in big companies who are looking to purchase more. The advisor is going to analyse the property, the market, the investment capital needed and the like and make a suggestion to the company on how to proceed. It is often a position that a property manager or investment banker later goes into after having some experience on the market. The average salary is around $50,000 USD per year.