Are you paying the right prices while hiring your copywriting services?

The copywriting industry is a totally unregulated industry. When people set out to hiring a copywriting expert, they feel confused looking at the copywriting charges. You will come across unbelievable variations in the pricing of the content writing services. As a customer, how do you know whether you are paying the right price and that your service provider is not taking you for a ride? Yes, you are not alone in this confusion, just about every customer that is in the process of hiring their copywriter faces this issue. Here are few things that you could do and you should take into consideration before finalizing your service provider.


To start with, get multiple quotes from the top copywriters in the industry. To ensure that you share uniform information with the service providers create a detailed requirements document, which you could share with all the writers. If you fail to send out uniform requirements then the quotes you receive from the copywriters will be for different requirements, which will not allow you to make meaningful comparisons.

You need to know how to compare the quotes prudently. For example if you get your quote from a freelance copywriter and also from a content writing agency, then there is going to be a marked difference between the two. The content writing agency is likely to charge you a much higher fee when compared to a freelance copywriter.

You should compare the service offerings first before you compare the charges. What exactly does each one offer you for the fee you pay? Does the website copywriting service provider offer you unlimited free revisions or do they have any limitations on the number of rounds of revisions that they will be offering you for the price paid? You will need to pay attention to such factors. What apparently seems to be a competitive quote could prove to be a not so competitive quote when you actually pay attention to details.

When you receive multiple quotes for your service, you are likely to get a better picture on the general market rates for copywriting services. Along with the rates, you will also need to look at other factors such as the reputation and the experience of the service provider. For example, someone with tattered reputation is likely to quote you lesser price just to secure your business. Similarly, someone with limited and no experience in the field is also likely to quote you less to sign up with you. You will need to use your discretion before you narrowed down or before you decided which service provider to go with. Quote comparison is certainly not as clear-cut an equation as it sounds. Several factors come into play and you need to be vigilant of all the factors that are at interplay. Instead of picking the quotes just based on the value quoted double check whether you are assured value for money regardless of the price quoted.