Technological Advancements in the Communication Revolution


There is no doubt that the development of the mobile phone has revolutionised the way that we communicate with one another. Indeed, the expectations of people have changed to the point that everyone expects everyone else to be available at nearly any time! This represents a huge change in the way that we live our lives and the way that we interact.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a phone was tied to a copper line and exclusively made calls. These days, smartphones are small and sophisticated computers that sit in our pockets and take up a lot of our day. No longer are we tied to the land line!

The Latest Innovative Designs

It would be no understatement to suggest that smartphones have advanced the mobile communication era even further. While early smartphone developments saw the birth of a whole new market segment, the latest cutting edge developments in phones, like the Oppo R7 Plus, have made premium smartphones available that incorporate some of the latest features, including, but not limited to:

  • Dual Sim: Not so long ago, we were all slotting single SIM cards into our mobile phones. The introduction of dual SIM slots in the latest smartphones is a boon for those who like to try out different mobile phone data and call plans. If you like the text message limits that one vendor offers, you can use their SIM card to send all of your texts. On the other hand, if you prefer another vendor’s call plans, you can simply switch when making calls and use their SIM card instead.
  • Octacore CPUs: The very thought of eight core Central Processing Units in a desktop computer seemed like fantasy only a decade ago, and now we have them in our smartphones! Can you imagine how small and complex they must be? Flagship phones from companies like Oppo incorporate the latest cutting edge CPU technology in their premium phones. This means that smartphones are now blazing fast!
  • Speedy charging: Technologies like VOOC and other charging methods mean that close to a full charge can be achieved in mere minutes compared to the hours that we used to have to wait.
  • Metallic finish: As technology and mass production has become more cost effective, smartphones have become eminently affordable for most people. But rather than make phone bodies out of cheap plastic in order to make more profits, the latest practice from some companies is to encase everything in a sleek metal uni-body. No longer is the premium smartphone market dominated by only a few big players. Innovative companies can now take advantage of cheaper manufacturing costs and single source suppliers and pass the savings onto their customers.

Smartphone for Everyone

The truth is that even though it was not so long ago that we were all using landlines exclusively for our calls, most people cannot even imagine a world without their smartphone. Companies like Oppo and others are well poised to take advantage of the latest advances in technology to produce premium phones.