The Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks

In an office, the office furniture is more important than you might realise. The office furniture helps set up the look and the feel of the office. It will create the aesthetics of your office, but that’s not actually its most important function. The furniture in your office can greatly affect your productivity. Employees are more productive when they are comfortable. Also, the furniture will help you create the right kind of office culture. If you are looking for an office culture that is collaborative and open, you will be able to choose furniture and a floor plan that fosters that kind of teamwork. If your employees need solitude and quiet to work, you can find furniture for that as well. One of the most useful and most overlooked pieces of furniture is a height-adjustable desk.

Height-Adjustable Desks

These are desks that allow you to raise and lower the surface of the desk. They are helpful because they can be raised and lowered for different people. Such a feature means you’ll be able to sit at the perfect height in your desk without strain. If your desk is too low, it will cause back and neck strain as you hunch over. If the desk is too high, it can cause neck strain from you having to look up all day long. An adjustable desk from a reliable retailer such as Andrews Office Furniture will provide you with comfort at any height.

Also, an adjustable desk allows you to stand when you are at work. Standing while you are working has several benefits.

Standing at Work

Standing while you are at work can benefit you physically and mentally, and can also make you more productive. Research has found that sitting for hours on end can actually lead to health problems. The exact mechanism for those health problems isn’t quite understood yet, but the link has been confirmed. Fortunately, those problems can be avoided with only a few minutes of standing every hour or so. Every hour or so, you should take a minute or two to stand and stretch. Walking around, stretching, and doing some work while standing helps cut down on the negative effects of sitting all day.

Standing at work can also make you more productive. Research has found that people are more active and more attentive when they are standing up. Many famous artists and writers have been known to stand while they are working because it helps them think. Sometimes, the simple change of position can help you think and improve your productivity. You should consider a height-adjustable desk for you or your employees. If you don’t want an adjustable desk in your office, you can put one in a common area. That way, everyone can benefit from standing breaks.