Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at the Top Mistakes of Business Management


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, proper business management by business owners is crucial for the growth of their business. With proper management, you can allocate tasks to your employees without any confusion, and it ensures that every business processes remain smooth. To make your business grow and thrive, it is best to avoid the most common mistakes of business management. The top mistakes of business management are mentioned below:

The Mistakes

  1. Not taking up any formal training- Most business owners believe that they don’t need any formal training for business management. You may feel that you are the boss, and you don’t need any training. But it is why you should learn new skills; being the owner of your business, you must learn how to manage your business.
  1. Feeling superior- Most business owners feel superior to the other employees. They feel that they are the only person responsible for running the business. So, as a business owner, you may find yourself misbehaving with your employees. You may feel that they cannot do any task correctly, but the need of the hour is for you to learn some management skills.

It will help if you learn to be an expert at communicating with the employees and encouraging them to perform better. Also, it will be great if you keep in mind that your employees can perform better only in a positive and healthy environment.

  1. Delaying important administrative tasks- As an entrepreneur, you are always occupied with something or the other, but you must not procrastinate on critical administrative tasks. There can be important stuff that you don’t enjoy doing but delaying them may be troublesome for your company. So, you need to learn to be disciplined, punctual, and productive in your work life.
  1. Ignoring employees’ feedback- To maintain a healthy work environment, you must never ignore the ideas and feedback of your employees. You may have an excellent idea but putting a bit of attention on your employees’ ideas can encourage them to be more productive. Such actions of yours will please your employees, and they will build a stranger bond with your organization. You must treat your employees and their ideas as a part of your company; only then will they help your company grow.
  1. No definite plan- The most essential part of managing your business is having a plan. If you don’t have a plan, you will not be clear about the journey. You must have a definite plan of what to do next, what steps to take, what goals to achieve, etc. It will be best if you do not get too busy with the daily operations that you fail to follow a long-term business plan.


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that properly managing a business is crucial, and you need to be very careful. You must keep the points mentioned above in mind and try to ignore these mistakes. Even if you own a small business, having the proper management skills can take your business to heights.