Tips and Tricks to Improving ROI from Google Local Service Ads

Google has provided local service ads as a way of helping businesses target the local market when advertising. This solution has been fruitful for companies looking for local leads. Therefore, local service ads can be an excellent place to start, whether you have a big company or a startup struggling to establish itself in the market. These ads are displayed based on geolocation, helping target local consumers. While typical Google ads are based on quality and bid, local service ads depend on proximity, hours, and reviews. There are ways you can get the most from these ads and increase your ROI. We will discuss several of them to ensure the LSAs make a difference in your business.

Consider if You Need an MCC or Individual Account

Before advertising, decide whether you need a manager account or an individual ad account. You will need to understand the two and where they work. In this case, the option you pick will rely on whether you serve more than one market, whether you are an agency or a franchise. Therefore, choose an account structure based on how you operate.

Avoid Disapprovals

Google will disapprove of your LSAs if your certificate is outdated or your images are not good quality. Therefore, avoid disapproval by filing the date your certificate expires. This way, you will know when you need to renew it. For the images, make sure the picture captures more than your head. An ideal photo covers a more significant part, maybe up to the elbows for headshots.

Do Not Target More Than Three Markets

If you have set up an LSA profile, ensure it does not serve more than three chief markets. This is because operating in many markets dilutes the budget, and you might have proximity problems. However, if you are in multiple locations, ensure the proximity does not differ to ensure you can link these markets with one LSA profile. The best way to do this is to exclude the towns and zip codes.

Know the Hours

As mentioned earlier, LSAs succeed from proximity, hours, and reviews. Therefore, you need to know when your target audience will likely respond. The faster you can respond to the leads, the better the chance to win. Therefore, set your LSAs in a way that you can react.

Set a High Budget

You may be reluctant to set a high budget for the LSAs, especially if you are doing this for the first time. However, you may want to know that underbudgeting is a pitfall for your LSAs. Therefore, it may be best to set a budget higher than you think you will spend. So, know how much you will pay and set aside an amount three times higher than the expense.

Maintain Google Reviews

Remember, your reviews on Google appear on your profile and affect how your ads are ranked. Therefore, we recommend encouraging Google reviews to keep your ads on top. You will need a profile with more than a 3.0 rating for Google to accept you. Therefore, encourage your customers to leave positive reviews to maintain the required mark.

Final Thoughts!

Google LSAs are an excellent place to start, especially if you struggle with getting leads. However, getting the most from the ads requires a little more effort. These are tricks to apply to boost ROI from the LSA campaigns.