Why Video Has Become So Popular for Advertising

Video ads are no longer solely found on cable TV, which means businesses with smaller budgets can also benefit from utilizing them. Digital ads are becoming extremely popular, so if your business is not utilizing this method of marketing then it could be missing out. But why has video become such a popular method for business marketing?

Video Marketing is Easy to Digest

The world watches billions of hours of content every week on the likes of YouTube and TikTok because it is engaging, entertaining, and easy to digest. When it comes to marketing, consumers certainly prefer video format to long textual adverts. Furthermore, because it is easily accessible to most people today, it has the potential to provide a high return on investment when done right.

Videos Can be Quickly Created

Countless individuals are creating videos and uploading them to YouTube and TikTok, with some lucky enough to have their content going viral. Videos can be quickly and easily created with a smartphone and edited on a laptop. However, for a business that wants to increase profits, a move to a higher quality video is certainly worth the investment. A video production company such as the good folks at Soflo Studio can create a top-quality video that will appeal to customers and promote your products or services.

Videos Have Higher Engagement

People are much more likely to click-through on a video ad than they are on a static advertisement. This is because they are more likely to engage with an advertisement that combines both motion and sound, which captivates their attention and piques their interest. For a video to be effective, it needs to relay a short but powerful message. It should contain the information that you want to convey and finish with a call to action that leaves the consumer wanting more.

Videos Are Shared Around the Globe

One of the biggest benefits of advertising through digital video is the fact that it could potentially reach a global audience. Social media is so heavily saturated with video these days, but a good advertisement can cross the globe in seconds. This means that you can reach individuals from every corner of the world and increase your consumer base quickly and effortlessly. If you have a good digital ad campaign, you do not even need to do much as people tend to share videos that they like.

Which Videos are Most Popular?

There are a few options available when it comes to videos for advertising. Explainer videos are particular popular as they help to describe a product and show the consumer how best to use it. For example, if you are selling a particular beauty product, a video with an explanation of what the product does accompanied by someone demonstrating how to use it can instantly boost sales of said product.

A how-to video is another powerful tool that can help to boost sales. Imagine you are selling a sewing machine. To increase sales of the sewing machine, you could have a ‘how-to sew a dress using the sewing machine’ video. It would include a short demonstration of the functions of the machine with information about how the machine makes it easier to sew a dress.

Some companies like to use educational videos to promote their goods or services. With this type of video, you can inform customers about a problem they might not even realize that they have and how your product or service could solve this problem. When this type of video is created correctly, it can pique the interest of consumers and drive sales upwards.