Signeasy – A Better Alternative to DocuSign


The current competitive era is pretty overwhelming for professionals. The pressures of their daily work life are increasing steadily, and staying on top is challenging. It leads to a feeling of de-motivation and helplessness. But if a tool becomes available will get done faster, and productivity will improve.

One such app for legally binding and fully traceable electronic signing of documents is Signeasy. It is a modern eSignature platform and is the preferred answer for over 43,000 businesses worldwide. It has proven to be one of the best alternatives to DocuSign for such teams that want their paperwork digitized and automated.

Signeasy is an excellent app for streamlining workflows. Signeasy assures no hidden costs in the pricing, and Signeasy provides impeccable customer support.

Why is Signeasy the better choice?

User Accolades

The first and best judge of the quality and worth of an app are the users of the app.  And the users seem to be extremely happy with the Signeasy app. Signeasy gets high ratings constantly from verified users on G2. Signeasy being the intuitive tool it is, works quickly and is easy to set up by anyone. Even though it is easy to set up and use, Signeasy still has a support team that can be connected 24*7 for help with any queries.

Smooth on Mobile

Signeasy has been specially created to be used with mobile phones, and yes, it also works smoothly on a tablet.  It is considered to be amongst the best alternatives for DocuSign.  It has a 4.7-star rating on App Store, and its app installation count has crossed 7 Million. So many installations can say just one thing – it is being loved for the way it is making tasks easier for users. Apple has featured the Signeasy mobile app as the App of the Day in more than 100 countries. Also, it has been featured on Play Store Homescreen for the best-in-class UX.

Easy to Use

Signeasy enables people to be up and running in just a few minutes. The process of Sign Up – Send – Signed is easy to learn and quick to implement. Features are aplenty, and learning to use them is simple.  Onboarding of teams and streamlining of the eSignature workflows can be learned quickly.  Yet, users have the facility to be aided by the onboarding specialist.

Easy to Use Powerful Integrations

Signeasy provides powerful integrations that anyone can set up quickly and are just as easy to use. It quickly and smoothly integrates with such apps as Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, and Salesforce. Collaboration can be conducted much more advanced than with other eSignature apps. It enables anyone to seamlessly send, sign and manage documents securely, directly from apps, be they from Google, Microsoft, or Salesforce.

Pricing Flexibility

This is another central point when Signeasy looks at Signeasy vs. DocuSign. The Signeasy pricing model has been designed to enable businesses to scale seamlessly. Unlike such programs as DocuSign, with Signeasy, users are not required to upgrade to the company plan if they wish to avail of HIPAA or Salesforce. Signeasy provides business users with a dedicated customer manager, no matter how few or many licenses a person holds.

Low Ownership Cost

DocuSign has a limit of 100 envelopes for each user per year, and its plans have been overaged. On the other hand, Signeasy offers unlimited envelopes and documents with the Signeasy business plan. So, Signeasy is the best option for low ownership costs! Do not miss the opportunity to avail free trial.


The article started by comparing Signeasy and DocuSign apps. In conclusion, it can be said that when users give a high ranking to an app, there is a considerable number of its installations, the app stores feature it as the app-of-the-day or as best-in-class, then there is no way that anyone can ignore this app.  It reaches the top, leaving other similar apps behind. Signeasy app has left the DocuSign app far behind due to the excellent features it provides to its customers.  Signeasy, with its flexible pricing, ease of installation and ease of use, unparalleled mobile experience, powerful integration with Google, Salesforce, and Microsoft apps, a short learning curve, and impeccable customer service, has now become the go-to app for eSignatures.