4 Ways Business Videos Can Be Used to Improve a Business Conversion

Companies and communication professionals rely on different content marketing strategies to increase the chances of converting website visitors into customers. Videos for companies, for example, are considered one of the best content formats precisely because they generate high conversions.

There are many ways to use business videos to improve business conversion. And we, from gillespie productions, an video company specializing in corporate videos, will show you 4 ways to achieve this goal. Know more!

Video Storytelling For Businesses

Ever heard of storytelling? This is the art of storytelling to engage your target audience, creating a relationship with your brand  and a Tips for Improving Internal Communications at Your Business. Today, storytelling is one of the most used narrative construction techniques to generate empathy and emotionally convey messages, connecting the customer to your company. In videos for companies with storytelling, the tip is to present a problem to the customer that he may be experiencing. Then show how your product or service is the most practical and easiest way to solve this problem!

Video Marketing As A Means Of Educating Your Consumers

Remember that conversion is the last step in the sales funnel. Thus, your target audience may even make impulse purchases, but most people want to know more about the offered product. In addition, the type of consumer needs to be stimulated to realize that a particular product or service can meet a latent need.

Therefore, when well-planned and produced, Videos for Companies can help in the consumer education process. Thus, showing the benefits and advantages of your product or your company.

Videos For Companies Can Increase Audience Expectations

Have you ever heard of teasers? In short, they are short promotional videos, which can be released in “pills” to generate expectations about a new product on the market. Many brands had had success with teasers, like Netflix, when it released a teaser trailer for the “phenomenon-series” Stranger Things. Like Netflix, other big companies are betting on video marketing as a tool to engage and increase sales!

Using Videos For Companies Is A Way To Present Your Reputation

If your products are getting good customer recommendations, take advantage of this material and create testimonial videos. All published audiovisual content serves as social proof and will help build trust with new consumers and strengthen your brand. In addition to these 4 aspects mentioned above, it is worth noting that videos are shared 1200% more times on social media than links and posts that combine text + images. Likewise, more than 80% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends. So, consider that a highly shareable video can increase your conversions.