What Is Vehicular Natural Gas (CNG)?

Natural gas is a fuel in gaseous form, usually found in porous rocks or sandstones underground. It is made up of methane and ethane hydrocarbons. As it is not liquid, like gasoline, ethanol, or diesel, it is measured in cubic meters (m³) and not in liters. It is an alternative that can be installed in practically all automotive vehicles using cylinders, even those with a carburetor or electronic injection system. A detail: CNG is different from LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), which, like gasoline or diesel, is a by-product of petroleum obtained in refineries.

It is interesting to note that both are ecological alternatives; they do not pollute the environment. In the case of the first, the reduction in the emission of toxic gases into the atmosphere reaches 70%.

When Can Opting For Natural Gas Be More Advantageous?

The first step is to know how much your vehicles usually run. If the number is around five thousand kilometers per month, the return on investment takes up to three months. You also need to consider the availability of fuel in your region and the routes where vehicles typically travel. As the network of stations that offer CNG has increased a lot – to meet the growing demand -this is a problem that tends to decrease more and more. However, it is still necessary to put costs and logistics at the tip of the pencil to ensure a problem-free supply.

The use of natural gas is also a factor that can be used in favor of your company’s image and website. As we have already said, it is a less polluting and more economical fuel. And with the conversion of the fleet, your company demonstrates to its customers and the general public that it is aware of its role in preserving the environment.

What To Consider When Investing In A Power Generator?

Sizing Is Key!

It is essential to know ​​the equipment you will connect to the generator and the size of the area it will need to supply. Thus, you can accurately calculate the power the product needs to meet your needs. By respecting the chosen generator’s capabilities, you guarantee good performance, a longer product life, and less frequent maintenance.

Pay Attention To The Fuel!

Gasoline generators are more expensive. Therefore, they are indicated for residences where the user will be sporadic. This means that this use will only occur in preventing power outages. Since diesel generators are cheaper and more efficient, they are ideal for companies that need to use the product constantly. There are still natural gas generators. In this case, it is necessary to be aware of the technology used, as it interferes with the generator’s efficiency.

Trusted Supplier

The Alternative Investments in a generator generates a relatively high cost. Therefore, it is essential to check the responsibility and credibility of the supplier. These aspects ensure a quality product and reliable assistance for any issues. The tip is to always look for authorized dealers of a particular brand. These companies usually have qualified and competent professionals to complete your product’s service and maintenance.

Brand Choice

Speaking of a brand, it is also essential to know the characteristics and advantages of the one you choose. This is synonymous with durability and better value for money for you. In addition, the brand of your generator will determine the ease and fair price when solving possible problems. In this decision, it is essential to consider the availability of parts, which is directly related to the brand’s presence in the national territory.