GL Homes Reviews: Exploring the Drivers of Online Feedback


Online reviews have become essential to the decision-making process when purchasing products or services. It’s easier than ever to access the internet at home or on a smartphone and takes just a few minutes to read reviews on a potential purchase.

People see ratings and reviews high on search results for any product or service. This quickly paints a picture of how others in the marketplace feel about the company. Positive reviews can help to win a potential customer’s business, while negative reviews can turn those same customers away.

What motivates people to leave bad (and good) reviews online? In this article, we’ll talk generally about this topic, and more specifically using GL Homes ratings, reviews, and positive reputation as our prime example.

A person can leave an online review for many reasons, but usually, one of these factors drives the decision for buyers of GL Homes properties:

1. Sharing an Experience

Many people leave reviews to share their experiences with others. This can be a positive or negative experience. They may want to warn others about a product or service that did not meet their expectations or recommend something that exceeded them.

Much of GL Homes’ early growth can be tied to positive word of mouth from their customers to potential buyers. Because of this, the company welcomes and appreciates people sharing positive reviews about their buying experience.  

2. Validation

Some people leave reviews because they’re seeking validation from others. They feel that their opinion is valuable and want others to see that they have something to say about a product or service.

Some review sites also use a point reward system that can drive many people to write reviews on as many companies as possible. These point systems add credibility to a reviewer but don’t necessarily mean that their thoughts reflect the most accurate information.

3. Voicing an Opinion

Voicing an opinion on a company can also be a driving factor. A person may have strong feelings about a company’s ethics or business practices. This could be about the company itself, or it could relate to a political or social issue. 

If a review becomes a hot topic or something many agree on, it can become an opportunity for the company to address its customers and resolve any negative experiences, leading to more positive outcomes.

4. Helping 

Many GL Homes reviews come with no motivation other than to help buyers make informed decisions. Customers may have had a good or bad experience with the business and want to share that information with others to help them make informed decisions. 

GL Homes reviews addressing many topics might provide less information to potential buyers because consumers have different needs when purchasing a product or service. GL Homes reviews that are specific, easily understood, and contain necessary or important information allow the company to address wins and losses appropriately. 

5. Feeling Empowered

Leaving a GL Homes review online can make certain buyers feel empowered. They may have had a very positive experience and want potential buyers to know about certain features and property locations to make informed decisions. GL Homes reviews allow many to share valuable information that others may not possess and be actively searching for.

Why People Read Reviews

A picture of the Caroline model home interior at Valencia Sound, a GL Homes 55+ community in Boynton Beach, South Florida.

Now that we know why people leave reviews, the next question is: why do people read and trust them so much? Reviews can be written by anonymous people. There might be a chance to get a recommendation from friends and family, but a customer will also rely on reading honest reviews. The rating system used by most review platforms plays a role in decision-making. 

A typical setup uses ratings from 1 to 5 stars. A perfect rating with minimal reviews makes people think that it might not be legitimate. If the average review dips below the consumer’s star threshold, that could also cause concern. Readers will weigh reviews a company has to sway their decision.

Why Online Reviews Matter

Reviews provide a voice for every single consumer if they want to share their opinion. Instead of being dependent on marketing and advertising from a company, consumers gain control back through user reviews. 

Present-day businesses have little choice other than to embrace online reviews. Many companies don’t collect this valuable feedback or address it, and negative reviews hurt the business if left unanswered. 

GL Homes reviews have reflected positive praise over their many years in business, and they have had their share of experience dealing with negative feedback. As a leading company in their industry, they do their best to reply promptly to every review. Positive online GL Homes reviews have helped the company position its brand as one of the most respected Florida homebuilders in the state.