Hi-tech Companies – The Time Is Right for Twitter!

It’s about time for hi-tech to find yourself in Social Media. Regardless of the huge amounts of individuals on Facebook, twitter, etc., there is a really couple of hi-tech companies joining the conversation. It’s tough convincing these companies to acquire involve though – kind of a catch22 happening. Other medication is this really is this is not on Twitter for instance, so companies shouldn’t spend time talking with nobody. Someone must bite the bullet and start a company trend, but stuffed to get first – and alone.

After putting much thought into this for your industry that we know best, fiberoptics, I have made a decision that Twitter is how to get. OK – let me support just a little. I guess I would clarify that we think all companies should have a free account on LinkedIn and be active there, however i am pushing for just about any hi-tech Twitter movement.

Here’s my thinking. Hi-tech does not (generally) see much interest in social part of Twitter, however they might be well offered from this to discuss information. For several us connected with twitter, most likely probably the most useful aspects happens when easy it is to discover articles about items that interest us. We follow people and keywords and phrases that are strongly related what you would like to discover about and uncover and so are paid out daily with clips of understanding and links that finish up being helpful. This, For me, is vital to social media engagement for tech industries.

The Proposal:

-Every industry features a trade association, a few industry news websites plus some local sections/sub-parts of associations. Start there. These organizations would like to get active with twitter – posting industry news and info.

-Associations with member e-mail lists need to email their people getting a phone call to acquire engaged and share their understanding and product information.

-Produce a plan. Who’ll publish for the organization? Which type of things will you tweet about? Don’t basically sell – engage. Publish info on everything you offer, but balance it with industry news and general info the prospects will dsicover informative. Produce a request addressing complaints or nasty posts that may appear. Monitor your organization title and keywords and phrases.

-Setup your Twitter account and look for a few people to follow along with – look for clients, providers, rivals, trade associations, industry news sites…

-Ensure to put a hyperlink for the twitter inside your website.

-Send an e-mail for the clients and providers announcing your twitter address and galvanizing those to join the conversation. Inform them which type of information you want to publish.

-Now engage! Use among the numerous websites which help manage your social media info when helpful. I take advantage of HootSuite, but you need to use Tweetdeck, Tweetizen or many other sites.

-Remember, this can be still “Social”, so send notecards to new fans, follow many people who follow you, retweet interesting posts, acknowledge people who retweet you.