5 Top Tips for Buying an Outdoor Notice Board for Your Business

Not sure whether you need a sandwich board, wall mounted menu board or post mounted external notice board?

To work that out along with how to go about purchasing and as well making the best use of an external notice board, give the following five tips a read ahead of buying. Further, it could save you a lot of time and even money.


Are Lights Always a Bright Idea?

To answer the question, is buying an outdoor notice board which features lights or additionally paying to have lights fitted to an outside notice board necessary, first ask yourself: when will your board be seen or need to be seen?

Restaurant notice boards (which are almost always wall mounted and feature a strip of LEDs or are hallooed beneath their plastic or glass covering with LEDs) usually feature lights because the majority of restaurants make the bulk of a day’s profits in the evening, when it is dark. Hence, for businesses such as restaurants, lit outdoor notice boards are a prerequisite.

Meanwhile, a notice board place outside of a school, is unlikely to need to be lit or to be read in the dead, and this is true of many establishments which make use of outdoor notice boards, including shops, cafes and community centres.

Where to Buy: The High Street or Online?

To save what can amount to be a considerable sum of money, time and the effort having to drive out to a store or into town and as well walk out potentially carrying a notice board or else pay extra for delivery having already spent money in petrol and travel costs to go to a shop, simplify the task of purchasing an external notice board and save some money along the way by buying online from a reputable and UK based notice board supplier such as Notice Boards Online.

Wall or Post Mounted?

Carefully consider whether a wall mounted or post mounted notice board is right for the uses to which you wish to put the board.

Wall mounted external notice boards draw people to them. Hence, they are popularly used by restaurants, some shops, theatres, pubs sometimes and businesses that aim to entice customers to reach their door step.

In contrast, post mounted external notice boards are much more likely to be used by organisations than businesses. Schools, churches, community centres and organisations which have private grounds or land on which to place an external notice board often opt to use them. When an organisation premises or community building for example features a drive or its own grounds, post mounted external notice boards are sometimes used to welcome people and as well to negate the need for those needing to access the information placed on a board to actually travel to or enter a premises.

Additions, Fixtures and Types

External notice boards are more likely to incur damage due to the weather, vandalism and simply not being locked up safely within a building. Hence, when purchasing any kind of notice board intended for outside use consider whether you ight wantto invest in one which features the following additions:

  • A Lock. A lock will prevent information being tampered with, removed or in any way altered
  • Glazing. Glazed external notice boards usually feature locks and are the most cheaply priced types of external notice boards. They will keep the weather out, but are not always the most robust option.


  • Storm Protection. Storm Guard Notice Boards are advisable to consider for external notice boards being placed anywhere whish already suffers when the weather gets bad as the offer supreme weather protection.
  • Keyless Entry. A small number of external notice and menu boards are sold in the UK with keyless yet lockable features, such as those provided by XL Displays.

Menu Board vs. Sandwich Board

Finally, if you are running a business and considering investing in a notice board or menu board to place outside of your business, ask yourself whether a sandwich board might be a better idea.

The major differences between sandwich boards and menu or notice boards is that sandwich  boards are usually placed on the street in front of a business and have written directly upon them specials, advertisements and humorous quips aimed at enticing customers. Because they are placed on the street and the messages written upon them are usually short, handwritten and brightly coloured. Hence, sandwich boards provide a proven means of making people, stop, look and take notice.

Notice boards, which when used by small high street businesses at least, usually come in the form of menu boards and wall mounted poster boards. Hence, in some cases they may go unnoticed by passing human traffic.

To view a range of sandwich boards and pavement signs visit the Discount Displays website. Meanwhile, for inspiration as to how to create eye-catching sandwich boards, give the Pinterest ‘Funny Sandwich Board’ Board a gander.