5 Reasons Why you Should Boost your Business with an Office Refit

If business could be better, and sales are in decline, perhaps it’s time to give the office a revamp. A change of working environment might be just the thing to inspire the team to go that extra mile, and if you’re thinking it isn’t important, here are a few reasons why an office refit can rejuvenate your company.


  1. A relocation – The business is doing so well, you need a lot more extra space, and are looking for something larger. The new office space should be designed for maximum efficiency, and the move could cause a few hiccups, so, if you are in the UK, Saracen Interiors are an established office refit company, and they can take care of the move, and help you design the ideal office space. An experienced mover would know how to pack, and there would be minimum impact on the business, with all IT connections installed prior to the big day. The actual move needs to be timed, and if temporary storage space was needed, your relocation company would have that covered. If you know things are on the up and up, it makes sense to make the move as soon as possible, and with some careful planning and design assistance from the relocation company, the transition will be smooth and beneficial for the business.
  1. Boost morale – Yes, the morale of your employees is vital, if you want to get ahead of the competition. Take all the staff on a 3 or 4 day teambuilding camp, while the refit is taking place, and you can begin to share your vision with the people who are going to make it happen. If an employee feels they are just a person doing a menial task, they will not see the big picture and have little motivation. By sharing your vision, each employee will become part of that vision, and will strive to help the team achieve its goals. Plan some team building activities and spoil your staff a little, then, when they arrive back at the office, refreshed and ready to go, they will be even more motivated when they see the new working environment. The right office refit company would take care of everything, leaving you and your staff with some valuable downtime, and when you return, everything is in its place. The team spirit of the workforce could be the difference between success and failure, and modern entrepreneurs make every effort to cultivate a winning feeling, with regular team meetings and rewards.
  1. Change your image – Perhaps the office is looking a bit jaded, the furniture is old and the carpet tiles have seen better days. Clients aren’t exactly impressed, and the workers are clearly in need of a recharge. Call in the experts and spend some time with the design team, and with many years of hands-on experience, they can advise you on how to get the best out of the available space. Important issues like lighting, colour schemes, and furniture should all be considered, as the ambience has a lot to be with employee morale, and consequently performance. An office refit isn’t as expensive as you might think, change the carpet, add some partitions, add some lighting and bring in some green, and you have an exciting new look, and with the right workstations and screens, your employees can interact easily, while still retaining that privacy.
  1. Technology demands the right computer hardware, and if the old monitors are jaded, and the computers slow, then it is time for a hardware update. A reliable office refit company can supply the right hardware, and with their IT know how, your business would never be offline during the refit process. Most office refits take place while the business is in operation, and phasing the operation means minimum disruption. IT is a vital component of any modern business, and having the right hardware means fast and efficient response, ensuring the smooth running of the business. If you require a LAN and several phone lines, this would be arranged in advance by the refit team, and any office equipment can be sourced also, making it a one stop service.


  1. A democratic discussion might point to the working environment as a cause for low morale. Often when a business is underperforming, it helps to meet with all the employees and brainstorm the possible reasons for the performance slump. If the office has been unchanged for a few years, and you always had better things to do with the money, it could be time for some refurbishment. According to research, the working environment has a direct effect on staff morale, and here is an interesting article on how to motivate your workforce. Involving the staff at every level has major benefits, as each person feels they have a stake in the organisation, and if they share your vision and formulate an effective plan to reach their goals, then you have a winning formula. Variables, such as the market and the economy have an effect on performance, but not as much as staff attitude, which determines how a worker will perform. Doing just enough to get by, isn’t the mindset you want, and don’t be afraid to share problems with the staff. Ask for their input, and you might be pleasantly surprised to discover an alternative you hadn’t considered. Workers will often take a cut in salary, or work extra hours unpaid, if they feel they have a stake in the business, so to cultivate that feeling of ownership is important.

An office refit is more than just a change of image, it could be the spark that ignites your workforce, and with the right style of management, your winning team will exceed all expectations and deliver the goods every time. Staff morale should be very high on any manager’s list of essentials, and if an office refit is what it takes, then it is money well spent.