Finding Motivation From Within: Dan Clark

All too often are companies and business leaders preoccupied with “the next best thing” that will galvanize their workforce. New, trendy business strategies, allegedly groundbreaking techniques, and even strict diet-plans are all ideas sold to executives, promising to revitalize their employees with a newfound sense of motivation.


But there’s just one problem with finding the answers to internal business problems from outside sources. No matter who the business expert, guru, or analyst may be, the insights they can provide often have little to do with an individual company. While new business practices definitely have their value, they aren’t a magical solution to the problems that internally plague an organization.

What many business leaders forget is that the tools to solve a company problem, or simply improve the workplace dynamic, are already available to them. Instead of seeking the answers from someone outside the company, all one needs to do is turn inwards.

By taking an introspective look into the inner-workings of a business, from the motivations of executives to the lowest-level employee, one can find meaningful answers to prevalent company-related issues. Instead of trying to find beneficial change by thinking outside the box, solutions need to be meted out by what’s already in the box.  This is the surest path to success, a business-philosophy created by motivational speaker Dan Clark.

As one of the most celebrated speakers on the planet, Dan Clark has spoken in over 54 countries to crowds totaling more than 4 million attendees.  An expert on developing strategies to increase productivity and synthesize motivation to its purest form, Dan’s astounding ability to speak to the hearts of audiences has been routinely recognized. Such as in 2015, when Dan was named “One Of The Top Ten Motivational Speakers In The World” by Espeakers.

While Dan’s ability as an orator is nigh unparalleled, what truly sets him apart from other motivational speakers is his method and mentality. To Dan, motivation stems from within and can’t be found elsewhere. By fostering change from within, a long-lasting level of understanding and power is achieved, Dan’s goal for every individual within a company.

In his presentation, Dan delves into what motivates an organization and the employees themselves.  Using the framework of a “four-cornerstone box” based on the concepts of perspective, authenticity, commitment to excellence, and service before self, Dan prompts listeners to examine their own level of motivation and self-worth. Through this, Dan aims to make every audience member their own motivational speaker, providing them with the tools to find motivation in their daily-life no matter the time or task.

Speaking directly to audiences rather than at them, Dan Clark is a unique motivational speaker with a proven track record for excellence. To find out more about Dan and his methods, check out his Sweeney Agency Speaker Profile.

Featured image courtesy of : Unsplash