Millennials’ Support For Bernie Sanders May Be Rooted Purely In Their Finances


Every generation looks to the one preceding it and thinks things were much better in the good old days. The same goes for the one before Millennials. Many are worried that their self-important upbringings and internet obsessed existence is going to have an effect on our society.

All you need to do is to look to the election on the horizon and who Millennials are supporting, to know that we may be in trouble. It isn’t that they are supporting an idealist like Bernie Sanders, many twenty-somethings have stars in their eyes. The problem is that they are supporting him for the most selfish of financial reasons ever.

What Millennials are supporting old Bernie for is his economic policies. It isn’t that he is for equal rights, or for financial gender equality. What he is spouting from the podium is that education should be free for everyone. Those who have high student loans to repay, and don’t want to make reparations, are seeing Bernie as their way out of debt. Wanting to hitch a ride, they are looking for Sanders and the Democratic party to forgive their debt.

Not the first Democrat to suggest that money for college should be supplied by the state, and retroactively, Obama was elected for many of the same reasons. Promising the youth that they could attend college and that things would be more equitable, he has tried valiantly to get Congress to forgive all educational debt. Making it a part of his reelection platform, it never came to fruition. Could it be that Bernie is only picking up the baton and starting to run?

Bernie Sanders is not only running on a platform that will give America’s youth a right to go onto college if they so choose; he is proposing to retro pay for those who are under the oppression of high student loans. What he is failing to recognize is that it is the government who is responsible for the high tuitions and interest rate loans that many are bogged down with. College is responsible for one of the biggest rate hikes in American history. Going up exponentially over the past two decades, it has outpaced inflation.

The reason tuition has begun to rise steadily is because the government continues to make loans to students in high quantities. Keeping tuition artificially inflated, they were giving students loans that students can’t possibly afford. Putting them in the hole before they even begin their future, the average student debt and student line of credit Winnipeg is out of control! Many are finding that they can’t find the initial job to pay for the monthly payment due.

Me generation, it is fair to worry about where they are headed. More concerned with selfies than with their neighbors, it is just a sign of the times that they would back someone who is a self-proclaimed socialist. Going against the Capitalist society that this country was founded on just to get their debt forgiven. Seeing it okay that the wealthy should give back 90% of what they have earned, they see no problem to equaling things out.

Millennials will soon be responsible for the decisions made about our nation, which already looks completely different from what it did just ten short years ago. If Bernie Sanders is in charge of the White House next time around, likely America will look very different. The problem is that Millennials may not be too happy to find that if their student loans are forgiven, and they begin to make money, they will be on the hook to give up 90% of it. For them, what goes around comes around, is not going to be a fun payback.

It isn’t that the young of our society is almost always blinded by stars in their eyes, in fact, without the optimism of the new generation, hope may be at times all but lost. It is just that normally the young are blinded by good will and equality of their fellow man. Not guided by how they can get the most out of what is to come. There is always payback to be had; they just don’t know it yet. What the old generation knows best is that there is no such thing as a free ride, there is always someone with their hand out to get paid.