Aluminium v Plastic Transport Cases

For those looking to purchase a protective case for expensive equipment, musical instruments, tools and other items, choosing between an aluminium case and a plastic transport case might seem difficult on the face of it. Plastic has been the traditional leader but in recent years there has been an upsurge in the popularity of aluminium transport cases due to a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at the benefit of both and help you decide which type of protective travel case is most suitable to your needs.

Plastic Transport Cases – Plastic travel cases that are used for protective purposes when travelling with expensive items have traditionally been popular for a number of reasons. As a material plastic has a range of benefits including how flexible it is in terms of how it is made and the shapes and sizes it can be utilised within for a product such as a protective transport case. It is also lightweight in nature, meaning that it will be easy to carry, even for bulky items. Add to that the wipe clean nature of the material and you are easily able to wipe away and clean the surface of your plastic protective transport case with ease.

Aluminium Transport Cases – The first thing that is easy to compare is that both materials are lightweight, making them easy to carry. Aluminium transport cases have been designed to be lightweight, making them an easy to travel with option. No matter how bulky your case is, or the size and shape of your equipment, an aluminium case is light enough to carry with ease. In terms of being better equipped to withstand impact, aluminium is much sturdier and stronger than plastic. There is an extra layer of protection to your equipment and stable enough to take multiple strikes and bumps, inevitable when you are carrying anything around for any length of time. You want peace of mind that your equipment remains untouched; aluminium provides that. In terms of maintenance, unlike plastic, some aluminium travel cases are self-protecting in terms of corrosion. The surface is able to withstand extreme heat and extreme cold without the structure of the material becoming compromised.

For us there is no comparison anymore. Aluminium protective cases are the better choice when you are looking to purchase cases to transport your expensive equipment. Whether you are a musician with instruments and equipment to carry on your travels, or you are a workman with expensive tools and other bits of equipment that you’ll require on your next tasks and projects, or maybe you are a drone enthusiast and need to get your drone out to a remote location without damaging what is a really expensive and technical piece of kit. Whatever your requirements you should look to purchase an aluminum transport case for your needs. It’s a much better solution than the plastic variety.