The Best Audis in 2017

There’s Something for Everyone in the Audi Range

Whether you are looking for a fun roadster, a family workhorse or a race bred supercar, Audi will have a set of wheels to fit the bill.

It is more than 100 years since the first car to bear the Audi badge, the Type A Phaeton, hit the roads. Plenty of water has flowed under the bridge and rubber has been laid down on the highway since then, and the company has been through a number of changes.

Most notable was its acquisition by Volkswagen Group in the mid 60s, but the Audi brand has always remained distinct, and competes alongside BMW and Mercedes at the luxury end of the spectrum.

Audi owners are among the most brand loyal drivers on the road, so if the time has come to trade in your Audi, the chances are you will be looking to replace it with another one. So sell your Audi quickly, and take a look at the replacements on offer!

A1 Supermini

The A1 puts the “super” into supermini. Aimed squarely at the Mini and Citroen DS3 market, it does all that they do, but with added style, a great quality interior and a better level of equipment.

A3 Hatchback

The A3 has been a mainstay in VW Golf / Vauxhall Astra sector for the past 20 years, and while the latest update is only a year old, its genealogy is plain to see, and the classic shape that first graced our roads in 1996 has not been lost.

A4 Saloon / Estate

For years, the A4 saloon lived in the shadow of its German rival the BMW 3 series. It’s a great car, but the boys from Bavaria had cornered the market so strongly that it was difficult to compete. This all changed with the 2015 upgrade that upped the comfort and refinement levels and forced buyers to take notice.

A5 Sportshatch

If there was ever any criticism to be levelled at the A4, it was that its looks did not exactly set pulses racing. This was put to rights with the 2007 introduction of the A5. The car is achingly beautiful, but like every Audi, it is more than just a pretty face. Handling characteristics, performance and running costs are all right up there with the best.

A6 Executive saloon

When it comes to luxury saloons, thoughts again tend to turn to the likes of Mercedes and BMW, but that is to miss one of the most refined, spacious and appealing executives on the market.


The compact SUV sector is evolving rapidly, and the Q2 joined the party last year, it proved an immediate hit with its solid build quality and stylish looks. The new Q5 was launched earlier this year, and has proved to be best in class in the medium SUV sector, while the Granddaddy of the range, the Q7, with its 429bhp V8 power, is the most powerful diesel 4×4 on the market.

Sports cars

The TT set the bar for fun, wind-in-the hair motoring when it was released in the late 1990s, and the latest version to enter the market has kept it right at the top of every thrill-seeker’s shopping list.

Of course, there are thrill seekers and then there are thrill seekers, and for the ultimate experience, nothing can beat the R8 supercar, with its 197mph top speed and 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds.