Preventing Theft in The Work Place

Four steps to improving workplace security

Workplace theft is a real problem for businesses and employees, but there are simple steps you can take to improve the security of your working environment.

Workplace theft can be a huge problem for employees and businesses alike, with some research suggesting that it’s the primary cause of failure for one in three businesses. And, unfortunately, it’s more common than you might think.

Theft in the workplace can take a number of different forms, from stolen personal belongings, through to theft of cash or office equipment, and identity theft. It can also be carried out by pretty much anyone – building visitors, opportunistic thieves and even employees themselves.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to improve the security of your workplace.

Review building security

You may think that your workplace is secure, but chances are there are some areas which could be improved. Conducting a security review and developing a detailed security plan should help you identify any potential areas of weakness in your building’s security. Armed with this information you can then take the necessary steps to eliminate these vulnerabilities by reinforcing existing security features or installing new ones. This review should also look at your security procedures (particularly around admitting entry to strangers), ensuring that these are always followed by building personnel.

Install additional security measures

If you don’t already have them, you may want to consider installing extra security measures in and around your work building, such as additional external lighting (including motion-sensitive lights), electronic card access, high security locks, security cables for laptops, and burglar alarms. Surveillance can also be a big theft deterrent, so installing visible surveillance cameras and signage could help to reduce thefts – as well as providing useful evidence should a crime occur. And don’t forget, theft isn’t just about physical objects. Identity theft is a huge issue so make sure that workers are trained on data protection and always shred any confidential papers or documents.

Provide secure storage

Having handbags, wallets, keys and other valuable items on display can be a red flag to potential thieves, so encourage staff to keep these locked away in a drawer or cupboard. This is not always possible for companies which operate a hot-desking environment, so if this is the case for your company, think about providing your staff with secure storage lockers for their personal belongings. Today’s smart storage lockers offer a much higher level of security than traditional lockers, with features such as electronic card or mobile app access, data and usage tracking and even intruder alarms – all of which help to give employees confidence that their belongings are safe.

Train your staff

It’s all well and good taking these additional measures to improve the security of your workplace, but unless your staff are on board, they are likely to have a limited impact. Make the security of your office everyone’s priority by carrying out regular staff training that makes your employees aware of the business’ security policies and provides them with advice and information on how to keep themselves and their belongings safe. Include the training in new-starter inductions and provide yearly top-ups for existing staff.

Any company can be the victim of theft, but by reviewing and improving your security measures and communicating with staff, you can reduce your risk and help protect your employees and your business.