The Untold Tales Of Art Panels In The Workplace

When last did you and your employer discuss including artwork at the workplace? Perhaps never. Artwork is one of the areas most companies assume demands little attention.

What most do not understand is that artwork influences both the employees and customers. Therefore, it is essential one puts much thought when selecting art panels for office.

Art To Avoid In The Office

Extremely Complex

Overly complicated art pieces can be a distraction and even inhibit your employees’ productivity by negatively influencing their moods. How is that so? Intricate art is unfamiliar and confusing.

In the context of an art gallery, intricate art is deep and engaging. However, in a work environment, it is too much stimulation.

Boring Patterns

You may have come across home décor patterns made entirely of stripes or chevron patterns. While this might look symmetrical and pleasing in a home environment, it does nothing for motivation and inspiration at the workplace.

For this reason, consider making things a little more exciting when selecting art pieces for the workplace. This is perhaps the opposite end of the overly complicated spectrum. Most importantly, ensure there is a balance by avoiding extremes.

Recommended Art In the Workplace

Mural Walls

These are commonly used as backdrops. They make light-up spaces while making them feel open. Mural walls instantly draw a customer’s attention. A recent study showed that mural walls boosted sales by 10% in 60% of businesses.

Pastel Colors

Eye-popping bright colors do not quite speak of professionalism. Therefore, if you seek your workplace to give a serious business impression, it would be best to consider a pastel color palette.

These colors are classy and elegant, mainly yellow and light blue. Be sure to go for artwork with sleek lines to ensure simplicity and functionality.

Bright Colors

Colors influence emotions, and color selection at the workplace is a crucial decision. While play gray is depressing, bright colors evoke positivity while boosting efficiency, brain activity, and focus. Ensure you utilize a color spectrum to select the right color. Then use a contrast color to tie it all together.

Artwork with bright colors is perfect for waiting rooms. Customers will see such and instantly experience the positivity associated with it, which may influence them in your favor.

Graphic Art

Graphics are the perfect artwork for a break and recreational rooms. These spaces need to look energetic, vibrant, and inspirational, and there is no better way to achieve that than by using graphic art. Ensure the artwork is creative, fun, and of high spirits.

Benefits of Art Panels In An Office

Reduce Stress

65% of cancer patients at the Cleveland Clinic report that art helps reduce their stress levels. Another 39% say that art helps improve their comfort level by making the pain a bit manageable.

Art is said to have a calming effect on your psyche. It stimulates the release of serotonin, a mood-stabilizing hormone present in the brain. When at low levels, one experiences depressed moods and a decline in productivity. However, when at the right levels, serotonin promotes happiness and helps reduce anxiety.

Increased Productivity

Studies show that adding art pieces at your workplace may result in a 1% boost employee productivity. Besides, more than 80% of the respondents reported that art positively affects their motivation and general work.

Admittedly, stress lowers productivity. Workplace art helps your employees relax, minimizing their stress levels. The result is more productive workers.

Often, distractions are viewed as entirely negative. However, a one-second glance at a piece of work may provide a much-needed calming distraction to boost one’s overall productivity.

Boosts Creativity

The corporate environment does not always provide space for creative expression. Notably, out of the thinking box does not happen when enclosed in one. A 2011 study by the University of London revealed that viewing beautiful art boosts blood flow to the brain’s ‘joy response.’

Consequently, viewing an aesthetic art piece enables you to see things from a different perspective resulting in fresh, creative ideas. Additionally, when selecting art panels, they are encouraged to think outside the box and develop ideas that were previously the least of their imagination.

Improved Communication

Results from a Harvard University study brought to light that art elicits an emotional response in almost all individuals. For this reason, it can pave the way for more open communication and better interpersonal interactions.


In the past, the importance of artwork at the workplace has been ignored. Fortunately, modern offices are now embracing the idea, and they are reaping the fruits of increased employee productivity and creativity.