Tips To Make Online Meetings Interactive

If you are thinking that putting up funny backgrounds and funny AI faces will make your meeting interactive, then you are wrong. However, these can add a few minutes of laughter to the meeting, but it will not be long before the participants start feeling bored. So if you want to have an interactive meeting, don’t forget to follow these points.

Make The Agenda Clear

On several occasions, meetings were scheduled, but the organizers did not make the agenda clear. This makes the meeting boring as the attendees do not have anything that they could contribute to the meeting. So to make online meetings interactive, make your agenda very clear. You can choose to make questions on the agendas, which will then turn your meeting into a group discussion.

To save your employees from zoning out, use audience interaction tools for virtual meetings. This tool will help you frame interactive questions that can be posed in a virtual meeting. Moreover, you can also make agenda templates that can be shown in the waiting room before the meeting so that the attendees get some time to prepare.

Come Prepared

To make a meeting interactive, you need to send out some information beforehand. This information can be a spreadsheet, an article, or any other material that the attendees need to look at before joining the meeting. Doing this will make the employees ready before the meeting, and they don’t have to watch boring spreadsheets or slides during the meeting for hours. If they are aware of all the information beforehand, the meeting can start from the discussion itself and can end quickly.

Is The Meeting Needed?

Employees often feel that their bosses take things that can be conveyed in a simple mail to a meeting. If the contents of a meeting are an announcement of a few things, try to convey it through a memo. When people find themselves in unnecessary meetings, they tend to get distracted very often, thereby making the meeting not an interactive one.

Do Not Invite Those Not Needed In The Meet

Sometimes a lot of people who are invited to a meeting do not need to be there. Just because they are in the company, they had to attend the meeting. So ensure that you keep only those who are needed in the discussion. However, if you believe that those not needed in the meeting should at least know what is discussed, share with them the details of the meeting. You can send them video recordings, transcripts, or minutes of the meeting, to name a few.

These are some of the tips that will make your meetings interactive. In addition to these, you can form check-in questions and engage attendees by asking questions and letting them ask questions. If you want these to be automated, you can get softwares on Votemo. You can also have a running document in the meeting or a whiteboard that will help people understand the contents of the meeting more easily.