Mark Hauser Tackles Credit Card Fraud & Prevention Strategies For Modern Shoppers

As a veteran in the financial services field, Mark Hauser has spent a significant amount of time around the problems that his clients face. The founder of and fund manager at Hauser Private Equity, Mark Hauser, has dedicated the past 35 years of his career to helping his clients overcome the varying hurdles in their paths.

With a focus on digital spaces, Mark Hauser took time to analyze the realities of credit card fraud, the impact it can have on individuals, and how potential victims can overcome their brush with credit card fraud.

Meet Mark Hauser

Before diving into credit card fraud, we must understand the background of Mr. Hauser. A private equity investor and fund manager with nearly 40 years of experience, Hauser began his career as the VP at Reynolds Dewitt Securities.

Before long, Hauser would find himself engineering what would become The Hauser Group in 1995. In the intervening years since his ascent to his position at The Hauser Group, Mark has expanded his offices into cities such as Atlanta, Kansas City, St. Louis, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Hauser graduated from Xavier High School in Cincinnati before attending and graduating from Miami University of Ohio with his degree in finance. Career highlights include the installation of the Cincinnati Sports Mall, the official training facility for the Cincinnati Reds of Major League Baseball.

Realities of Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud can manifest in several ways and from many different directions. Mark Hauser believes that it is imperative to understand where fraud can strike to prepare best to overcome it.

  • Stolen Identity – Data breaches online can lead to incidents of stolen identity. If your card information is leaked from a merchant’s website, it might end up on the dark web, where it can be bought and sold.
  • Card Machine Skimmer – The next time you swipe your card at a machine, take time to look closer at the machine itself. Credit card skimmers are installed by fraudsters without the knowledge of workers, leading many innocent customers to end up as victims of machine skimmers.
  • New Account Fraud – This type of fraud is particularly damaging as it involves the fraudster opening an account in your name, causing late payments, potential default, and negative impacts on your credit score.

Overcoming Credit Card Fraud With Mark Hauser

While credit card fraud is an unfortunate reality for shoppers of today, it doesn’t have to be something that completely disables you going forward. If you find yourself a victim of credit card fraud, Mark Hauser suggests taking a deep breath before tackling your response in the correct order.

Victims of credit card fraud should first file a police report with their local agency. After this is completed, Hauser suggests that credit card fraud victims close their accounts while filing an injunction with the Federal Trade Commission. Implementing some form of credit card fraud monitoring is also an ideal step at this point, as it can help prevent further issues in the future.