Setting the Tone With Kevin Modany: What Traits Define a Successful Executive?

Thriving in a leadership position requires an advanced set of skills as well as the emotional intelligence to lead others. Kevin Modany is the Managing Director at BlueRock Partners, where he leverages decades of industry experience as well as his finely tuned leadership abilities to guide his clients and colleagues to success.

As a leader and financial consultant with decades of experience thriving in the field, Modany was more than prepared to share some key insights into the traits that have helped him to succeed.

Let’s outline a few of the core traits and leadership skills that Kevin Modany believes will help future leaders to succeed.

Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Working as a leader means dealing with the human element in your office. Executives need to have a high level of emotional intelligence to properly empathize with their colleagues. Modany understands that forward-thinking executives will value their workers while striving to push for an uplifting and motivating environment. Leaders with high levels of emotional intelligence will do better when it comes time to retain their employees.

Developing Employees For Future Roles

Kevin Modany understands that the business world is very much focused on growth. Leaders with excellent skills will take time to cultivate their employees in a growth-focused direction while creating a ‘win-win’ scenario. Companies that take the time to invest in robust training programs will find that their employees can grow with the job, becoming well-trained and versatile along the way.

Clear Vision For the Future

Kevin Modany believes that leaders need to have a clear view of the future as well as a vision for what they want their business to become. A company’s CEO is responsible for formulating the plans that will essentially drive the operations of the business. The CEO and their executive team will work together to create a mission that best enables the company to achieve its goals.

Amazing Work Ethic

You won’t find success in a leadership role unless you are willing to work for it.

Kevin Modany suggests that leaders need to be ready and willing to dig deep to do the hard work necessary to move their company forward. CEOs should be dedicated to finding and adopting solutions that affirm their company’s mission and vision.

Kevin Modany suggests that CEOs should set a high bar not just for the company but also for themselves. A confident CEO with high expectations for themselves will lead to a business that seeks to strive.

Clear and Effective Communication

Finally, Kevin Modany believes it to be of the utmost importance that executives be able to work effectively and communicate. A Chief Executive Officer serves not just as the engine of the company but also as its voice. CEOs need communication skills that work at the leadership level as well as on the managerial front. Transparency in communication will help to go a long way toward creating a collaborative and fruitful environment.