A Guide to Buying Good Quality Seals for Security Purposes

Seals can be used for a multitude of different purposes and they are available in a variety of lengths, strengths and colours. They can be used to protect something like a shipping container from theft or contamination and they can also be used to lock things like chemical drums, when it is important to be able to see if the drum has been tampered with in any way. These seals are not only a deterrent for thieves as they will also show you if the seal has been broken accidentally rather than deliberately, which may be important if you re transporting something like chemicals.

Seals for Security

You can use different coloured seals for different purposes and it is easy to get your seals custom printed with your company name or a logo, so that your items are easy to identify. Good quality security seals can be purchased online and you should try to buy seals that come with a sequential numbering system, for ease of use.

Transporting Goods

They provide you with a level of security and also to provide evidence of tampering and they are normally used to mark any of the following:

  • Trailers on trucks or vans
  • Drums with chemicals in
  • Vessel containers
  • Utility meters
  • Duty free trolleys for different airlines

If you have something that is sensitive and you need to know if it has been tampered with either accidentally or on purpose, then these specialist seals are affordable and easy to use.

Mark your Seals

You might want to get your seal custom printed with your company name or logo on it and this is often something that is offered by the company selling the seals.

Seals for Security 1

Here are a few of the different methods that they will use to mark your seals:

  • Thermal printing
  • Laser engraving
  • Hot stamping
  • Ink jet printing

You can also individualise the seals by writing on the white pads by hand or marketing them with consecutive numbers or bar codes.

Plastic Seals

These security devices are often made from plastic and this is the most affordable way for you to mark, protectand track your goods. They can work in a similar way to a regular cable tie with an adjustable length but they are more secure due to the sequential numbering system that they are labelled with and the option to fit them with a barcode, a branded name or logo.

These seals can be used for all of the following:

  • Securing the neck of a plastic or paper bag
  • Securing the neck of something large like a mail sack
  • Sealing fire extinguishers
  • Sealing first aid kits
  • Sealing chemical drums

You can click them into position to lock them and these seals are easy to buy online. You can buy them in a variety of colours and this will help you to mark different items that you are transporting, so it is quick and easy for you to see what you are handling.