Linen Hire Services Enable Hospitality Businesses to Thrive

Businesses, such as restaurants and hotels, make extensive use of linen hire services. It does not matter if your company is large or small either, as a linen hire service can assist you regularly as long as you maintain an invoiced amount of about £30. Therefore, you don’t have to be a big operation to benefit from the service.

With respect to a usual contract length, linen hire services today can offer agility and do not require that clients to sign up for an established period. However, it is considered a professional courtesy to give a linen service a month’s written notice if you wish to discontinue service.

Weekly Services

Service models for hotels and restaurants usually feature service every week. That way you can always have laundered linens on hand that meet your inventory needs for such items as bedsheets, towels and table linens.  In most instances, you can adjust your service needs to coincide with the level of your stock. With respect to payment, most customers are invoiced monthly, and pay through direct debit or by cheque.

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When it comes to your laundry and linen service, you may be uncertain about which route to take. Should you hire or buy products and services? This is why it is important to find out all there is to know about a linen hire service. You don’t have to establish a contract that limits you to a certain time period, nor do you have to set up an account that handles a large amount of linens. Linen services are available that handle table linens, sheets, towels, napkins and spa towels, with some of the services offered to smaller businesses. These services are often used by casinos, food and beverage establishments, health care facilities, hotels, and industrial plants.

When you hire a linen service, you not only reduce the amount of storage space you use; you also reduce the amount of solid waste. You also use less product, as cloth towels have four times the absorbency of paper towels. Companies that offer linen hire can build a customised programme that is consistent with your business’s environmental practices and policies.

A linen hire service requires no initial investment and guarantees that items will be professionally cleaned. On-time delivery is part of the guarantee, as is the selection. You’ll have choices that include a variety of colours and styles. Work with a service that understands the challenges of running a hospitality or service business, and can provide a full line of offerings.

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Online Account Access

Make sure the linen service you use offers you easy access to your account online as well. Online accounts make it simple to log into your account and review the specifics of your linen service. You can also use the information to check invoices, look over your transaction history and check on delivery.

While you may set up an account for regular weekly service, you can also arrange for services for one-off events or functions. This add-on benefit is useful for hotels that may be hosting a special banquet, or for restaurants that are managing a planned function. Regardless of a customer’s regular service needs, it is possible to charter a one-off service when necessary.