Modern Office Relocation

Once a new business gets through that first 6-month period, the chances are they will survive, and within a year, many are looking to relocate due to expansion. Moving a business from one location to another is no easy task, and with so much to organise, it makes sense to call in the professionals, who relocate offices on a daily basis.

Online assistance

Reputable companies, such as Next Gen Office Fitouts are only a mouse click away, and with all their experience in moving businesses, are sure to make your move a quick and uneventful experience. Once you have made contact, a representative would meet you at the new office location, and together you would define things like workstations and office access, and armed with this information, the design team would begin to create your new workspace.


The project

Moving an office from one location to another is not just about the physical transportation, with preparations that have to be made, before the furniture and equipment can be delivered. The project manager would be responsible for every stage of the relocation process, and would be involved in the design and creation of the new space, as well as the removal from the old premises.

The budget

This is the focal point before any design can begin, and once your relocation company knows how much they have to work with, they can work with the client and together, design the ideal working environment. The design team would ask many questions, and would want to understand exactly what the company does, as only then are they able to design a workspace with efficiency in mind.

The move

Once the new office is ready for occupation, the furniture and equipment can be delivered. Essential services like water, gas, and electrics would have been arranged by the office fitout team, and your IT requirements would already be in place, waiting for the computer hardware to be installed. The move typically involves a number of vehicles, and with careful co-ordination, the equipment will safely arrive, and the unpacking can begin.

Meeting deadlines

Relocating an office requires co-ordination, and deadlines have to be met. The old premises will more than likely have been leased, and the new tenants will be expecting to move in on a particular date, so you have to be out before that deadline. A reliable office relocation company would understand deadlines, and with their considerable experience, the move would normally be a trouble-free experience.

Leave it to the experts

Moving an office is a daunting prospect, and best left to the professionals, who will ensure that every stage from the initial consultation, to the final installation, will be carried out with the minimum of downtime for the business.


IT requirements

It is essential to prepare the new office for the computers and peripherals that all businesses use, and if you need a LAN set up, this should be set up in advance. The amount of time a company is offline should be kept to a minimum, which is why it is better to use a reputable office fitout company.