For Any Type of Air Compressor, Only a Professional Company Should Be Trusted

In certain industrial applications, and in certain high-powered air tools such as jackhammers, a rotary screw-type of compressor is used. They can be utilised to replace piston compressors in cases where a lot of high-pressure air volume is needed, and the process also utilises a positive-displacement mechanism for better efficiency. Piston compressors are less effective than gas rotary screw compressors, and the latter uses a continuous sweeping motion that results in less flow surge and pulsation than the former. Companies that manufacture these types of compressors make high-quality products in various price ranges, so regardless of why you need them, rotary screw compressors should be easy to find.

Different Types Are Available

Although rotary screw compressors all perform the same basic function, there are many different types of them available. These include a belt-driven compressor that has a range from 4 KW to 15 KW; a direct-driven model that results in a decrease in the amount of energy used to run it; a long-lasting model that contains a permanent magnets motor; a small footprint, low-noise model; an industrial-strength model that allows for the ultimate in power and workmanship; and even a model that offers less noise and 24-hour-a-day usage. Companies that make air compressors make top-notch products at reasonable prices, and can even offer advice and assistance if you are unsure which type would work best for you.

Start Online When Looking for Air Compressors

Companies that make and sell rotary screw compressors in Sydney usually have well-maintained websites that will provide all of the details, as well as full-colour photographs of all of their products, enabling you to educate yourself on each product so that you can decide which one to purchase. Industrial-strength air compressors are a specially made product that should only be purchased from a reputable company with the expertise and knowledge to help you find the exact one you need. They usually offer other products as well including oil-free compressors, air filtration products, air dryers, water and oil separators, and desiccant air dryers, among others. If you are in an industrial career field and need anything related to air compressors, these companies can help you.


Another advantage of utilising one of these companies is that they can assist you with anything related to air compressors, because they hire service technicians with this type of specialised experience. Therefore, these companies can assist you in areas such as routine service, refrigerated dryers, airline installations, condensate control, and air-end rebuilds, to name a few. Their technicians are well-qualified and experienced, and can help you find the most cost-effective way to operate and run your plant.

When Only the Best Will Do

If you need anything related to air compressors, including the rotary screw type, it is best to consult a professional who knows exactly what you may need. These professionals offer comprehensive advice and will work with you throughout the process so that in the end, you get the product you want at a price you can afford.