Installation Of Modified Bitumen Roofing – Enhance The Way Your Roof Looks

Earlier flat roofs were the exclusive domains of only professionals. Times have changed and new materials have been launched in the market. The new materials are easy to install given your roof is smooth. In such a case using sheets made up of modified bitumen are the best.

Soprema bitumen membrane is one of the best bitumen membranes in the market.  It is very apt for the roofs which are low sloped or completely flat. The bitumen membrane is resistant to cold. This feature springs up from the fact that it is manufactured from asphalt based materials.

Some steps you need to follow while installing modified bitumen membranes are:

  • Preparation of the roof: The first step for the preparation is cleaning. Proper cleaning of the roof is of utmost importance. After you have cleaned the surface, the area should be checked for standing waters. One should also make sure that the surface is smooth. Usage of propane torch must be done with care and adequate consultancy is mandatory.

  • Application of the roofing felt: Once you have cleaned and cured the surface, the surface becomes ready to be roofed. The nails should be hammered properly. The adequate distance of 8 inches between nails is the most suitable.
  • Priming of the roof: The priming is the most crucial part. After the felt is attached it is time for the priming. Bitumen roofing is rolled out. The roofing should not be creased and be extremely smooth.
  • Heating of the roof: Once all the above is done, it is time for heating the roof. Roll back the applied roof. You need to wear protective clothing and take precautions before indulging in any work related to inflammable substance. The flame has to be blue before you use it. It has to be properly sealed before applying another layer.

  • Precautions while using flame: Pay extra attention to the nozzle when it is working or not. A fire can be ignited due to lack of surveillance. The tank should be kept at a central position which does not require much moving around.

Modified bitumen membrane is the new technology which you can use on your own. The easy accessibility and maneuverability are two aspects which make it the first choice of people in the roofing markets. The roof needs to be smooth; this being the only condition for the application of modified bitumen membrane.