Sending money home from abroad made easy with these steps

The World is becoming small with more people traveling and living in abroad. Nowadays a large number of companies are hiring remote employees from different countries. Many find it a difficult task to send money from abroad to their home country. Are you the one who is suffering from this problem? And also for international students, it’s always been a daunting task either receiving or sending money to own country.

As it becomes a problem while choosing the best payment option to send money to their home country. Then this article will point out you in the right direction.

1 . Select how much to transfer

The first thing you have to do is to select the amount and the currency you wish to send your home. It is wise to know that large transactions will cost you more in some countries and others may charge less.

2. Choose your method to pay

If your home country is India, then there are many ways from which you can choose to transfer money. Some of the best ways are through bank account, online transfer, wire transfer, International money order, PayPal etc

Your choice should depend upon the amount you want to send, how much exchange fees you are willing to pay and how fast or speed you need to send. While Sending money to India from any abroad, most of the people choose personal bank account as the option as it economical and trustworthy. Transaction fees fluctuate depending on the amount of money you want to send home.

3. Select Your Preferred Delivery Option

Select a money transfer method after making sure how many days it will take to send your money home. Direct bank deposits take less time to deposit and it is directly done in the recipient’s bank account.

Transferred money can be picked by the client. If you send money through money transfer or western union then the recipient can collect it from agent locations.

To send money, one needs to enter the full name and address of the recipient. Then the IBAN number which is used for international bank account number. It requires additional data such as BIC (Banking identifier Code), SWIFT code and much more.

4. Register with a Money Transfer Service

There are many Money Transfer services like Xoom, trasferwise, instarem or like Western union, Paypal.

When you want to send money with timely delivery you can opt in for any of these services, they are cheap, safe and your transaction is secure. You can track your payment and notified when delivery is complete. These services give their best exchange rates and because of competition they may offer less transaction fees.


All you need is to select the best suitable money sending method which is easier and secure without cutting more fees and exchange rates. Fill up all the needed details and documents and hit button Submit and confirm on your chosen delivery method. Then your recipient will receive money safely. Using transferring service all your international transactions are safe and simple. So the next time if you want to do money transfer to India from USA or from any country to any country on the planet these easy steps will be very useful to you.