Cool Ideas for Keeping Out the Heat in Your Backyard

Does your backyard get a lot of sunlight? Unfortunately, some home designers plan for the house to stay shaded and for the backyard to absorb all of the heat. Sunlight can make a backyard really hot and it can be difficult to enjoy much time outdoors when the sun is beating down on you.

Everyone likes a little bit of sunlight. But UV rays are a real threat and being exposed in the sun for too long could burn your skin and even give you skin cancer if your skin is left untreated. With the threat of UV rays imposing themselves in the open area of your backyard, you might need some shade just to stay outside at all. Sunscreen is somewhat beneficial but when it’s hot outside, sunscreen is not going to soak into your skin and it’ll just slide off instead.

You need a structural solution to keep the heat out of your backyard and, fortunately, several architects and designers have come up with some really cool ways to give you the protection you need so that you can enjoy life outdoors without getting exposed to UV rays for too long.

Retractable Patio Roof

If you’re concerned about design and aesthetics, you can’t just plop down a bunch of ugly umbrellas to create shade. You need something that looks better and is more practical than an umbrella. Why not install a retractable roof system? These patio roofs are topped with a canvas material designed to keep sunlight and UV radiation away from anyone sitting below it. These systems are also equipped with special motors that can roll the canvas back in order to let the sunlight in.

The problem with permanent awnings, while they work really well, is that they always provide permanent shade. But what if you’d like to enjoy a little bit of sunlight in the morning or work on your tan? Moving patio furniture away from the awning just to get some temporary sunlight is a huge pain and you probably don’t want to rearrange your furniture every time that you want to catch a few rays of sunlight. With a retractable roof, you can get sunlight or shade with the simple press of a button.

Are There Different Options to Choose From?

Depending on the architect, you should be able to choose from several different styles and maybe even design your retractable patio roof from scratch. These systems work great for patios, backyards, swimming areas, and even commercial locations such as restaurant patios, picnic areas outside of office buildings, or courtyards.

How to Get Started

If you’re interested in installing a retractable patio roof system, you should probably measure the dimensions of the space that you’d like to cover. Measuring the area beforehand will make the design brief process much easier for the designer. When you reach out to a designer, be sure to tell him or her about your house’s colours and style so that he or she can design something that matches your home’s aesthetics. Be sure to get a quote prior to agreeing to start the design process so that you can stay under budget.