The Great Number of Career Opportunities for SAP Aspirants

The IT industry is a very volatile field. The latest innovative technologies turn obsolete within few months or years because of the advancements that keep happening. However, this rule does not hold good for SAP. SAP is a technology that has been around for decades now and even now it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The term SAP means Systems, Applications and Products in data processing. With the help of SAP, all the areas of business can be governed smoothly. In short, it makes the task simpler.

SAP provides end to end to solutions for financing, manufacturing, logistics, distribution and many more. With the help of SAP system, all the business processes can be executed and the common information can be shared with everyone within no time.

There are different SAP products:

  • SAP R/3 and R/3 Enterprise
  • mySAP Business Suite
  • SAP Industry Solutions
  • SAP xApps
  • SAP Solution Manager

There are number of SAP jobs in the market depending on your level of experience. One can become a SAP consultant, project manager, analyst, technician or even a trainer.

Qualification Required:

The qualification that is required for getting a job in SAP field is a degree in IT or experience with relevant qualifications. Knowledge of SAP technology is a must and that can be acquired by undertaking a SAP training course.

One can choose a course that suits the area of expertise and career ambitions, which varies from person to person. It is not at all an easy job. One has to regularly update his technical skills by attending courses on advanced and new SAP technologies. It is essential to be in the race in the rapidly changing IT industry.

Hours of Work:

Unlike other IT companies, one has to work for 36-40 hours a week. Keep in mind the working hours are not specific and depending on the project it may vary. If required, one may have to work late to meet the deadlines.

Average Salary:

Depending on experience and work location, salary for a SAP candidate varies. Qualified SAP engineers and project managers earn an average salary of Rs 593,252 per year.

SAP is certainly a very promising field. Considering the lucrative advantages that people working in this field have, it’s definitely a good career option to choose. With the increasing demand for SAP consultants, it’s no secret that a certification and experience in SAP can throw open the doors to plenty of job opportunities.