Planning The Ultimate Product Launch Party

Hiring Image Models To Boost Your Guest List

If you’re planning a product launch, then this handy guide will help you to make it a success.

Are you launching a product in 2018? Then you’ll need to plan a launch party! These events are a great way to introduce your product to a select audience, and you’ll be able to maximise its impact by sharing photos on your social media channels. Needless to say then, it’s important to get your product launch party right. So what do you need to remember when planning one? From the location to the guest list, here is your ultimate guide to throwing the launch party to end all launch parties!

Picking a venue

Finding a great venue is incredibly important. Obviously, you want the focus to be on your product, but the location should wow your guests too. If possible, try to link your venue to your product. So for example, if you are launching a food product, choose a well-known local bar or restaurant. You should also make sure that you pick a venue close to your business site if you’re targeting a local demographic. There’s no sense in making people travel miles away!

The right guests

The second thing that you should think about is your guest list. Invite influencers, bloggers, journalists, and anyone else who could spread the word. Invite people who you want to buy or stock your product too. You should also look into adding some image models for hire to your list of attendees. These models will help you to create that all important party atmosphere. Wearing the clothes of your choice (perfect if you have a theme in mind) and mingling with your guests, they’ll help everyone to loosen up and engage with each other. Happier guests make for a more successful event, after all.

Entertaining your guests

It’s essential to provide some good entertainment for your guests. While there will be corporate aspects to the evening, no one wants to listen to endless speeches all night. So break up the business talk with a live band or other entertainers such as stand-up comedian or burlesque dancers. Providing your guests with party games will make for a fun evening too. Perhaps you’ll have some of your glamorous event models manning some poker tables? The possibilities are endless.

Promoting your event online

Social media will play a big part at your event. Think of it like this: your event is there to market your product, and social media is there to market your event. Before the big night, use your social media accounts along with email newsletters to build anticipation. Then during the launch, use your social media accounts to post live updates and exclusive content to really market it as a major event. If you then throw a follow up event, then you’ll have generated interest.

Here’s to a great night!

With the right location, guests, and ambience, your product launch will be a huge success. By throwing it on the day of the product’s release or a few days before, you’ll ensure that interest and anticipation is at its peak. So, are you ready to bring your product to an audience at last? With some event models there to help you out too, 2018 will be the year you launch it in style.