Is there such a thing as infinite Internet?

Leading mobile service providers have changed the rules of what it means to have ‘infinite Internet’. Read on to know more.

In the era of smartphones and smart digital devices, is it any wonder that you wish for the fastest Internet speeds and unlimited data? And yet, despite using the most expensive smartphones, many people continue to use mediocre postpaid plans. Doing so is like having an expensive Merlot with street side fried food – it’s just wrong!

When you match your phone with the wrong mobile postpaid plan, the synergy between the two is lost. Besides, a poorly designed postpaid plan wastes money and offers several network stutters – it is enough to frustrate you when pages take a long time to load, or videos are constantly buffering.

Do your phone and yourself a favour – get an unlimited Internet and mobile postpaid plan from one of the best service providers in the country, Airtel.

What does unlimited Internet mean?

The earliest postpaid plans ever to be sold in India were all billed as per a pre-set data limit. These are known as ‘limited plans’. Over the years, as smartphones became the norm for users and their usage patterns became more defined, service providers began devising limited mobile postpaid plans with different data sizes and prices. What limited plans mean is that once the pre-determined bytes of data are fully used, you cannot continue to browse the Internet. Mostly, these plans are used for prepaid connections, though they may also be used for postpaid ones.

In contrast, unlimited mobile postpaid plans allow as much consumption as you want, and you are billed for the consumed units of data at the end of the month. In this type of plan, only the duration of the plan matters. These plans cost most as per usage patterns, and also due to the ‘infinite’ advantage.

However, the definition of what constitutes infinite Internet has been changed by leading service providers like Airtel. Airtel offers unlimited mobile postpaid plans with a pre-determined data quota per month, under its Infinity postpaid plans. Is this confusing? It’s not if you study the plans in detail.

Airtel mobile postpaid plans – simply the best

As you can see from the illustration above, Airtel has five different mobile postpaid plans to suit different needs.

  • These offer monthly rentals from Rs 399 to Rs 1,199. Each has its own set of benefits for the user.
  • The data offering ranges from 20 GB to 90 GB across the plans (3G or 4G) and have a data rollover per month.
  • Each plan offers unlimited calling (local, STD, incoming and outgoing roaming) per month.
  • The latter three mobile postpaid plans (Rs 649, Rs 799 and Rs 1,199) also get free add-on Airtel connections. These three plans also get access to Airtel TV app, Wynk Music and free Handset Damage Protection repair.
  • There is a free one-year Amazon Prime subscription on all plans except the Rs 399 one.