Is Your School Meeting the Most Recent Child Safe Requirements?

Parents send their children to school under the impression that they will be looked after according to the latest child safety laws. This means that every school is required to keep a check on staff and ensure that they are all up to date with their security and safety requirements. The “Keeping Children Safe in Education” initiative is intended to ensure that the safety and security of children at schools across the country is prioritised.

Why Is It So Complex?

The problem for every school is that keeping track of the status of all permanent and temporary teachers who enter the school is not easy. There are multiple checks that need to be made, including EEA, Prohibition, and Qualified Teacher Status. It is this level of complexity that an online SCR system seeks to address.

Why Use a Central Database?

One of the biggest challenges that schools face is knowing when the teachers at their school need to meet requirements. How do they know when their credentials and security checks are up to date? This poses a big problem because it means that without a central repository of information, the school places students at risk.

An online database ensures that the school can quickly and easily check on the security status of every single teacher. Everything is recorded in a central database for easy and convenient checking. The system also generates notifications when a teacher needs to update a specific security check, and, in this way, greater levels of transparency are achieved.