Different Ways to Automate Laundry Processes

Companies like Continental Girbau have been actively developing laundry automation technologies that will redefine the way washing and drying are done by the equipment they are offering. In the rest of this post, we’ll have a quick look at some of the laundry automation processes that will make your lives a lot easier, making machines function as if they have a mind of their own.

Smart Programmability

Automated washing machines and dryers are made in such a way that they have smart programmability. It is one of the simplest and most popular ways to automate laundry processes. Simply put, you no longer have to input the settings manually and it is the equipment that determines what is best for a specific load. The vended laundry equipment from Continental Girbau can offer this technology. Based on the load, it can automatically determine the best wash setting, which will help conserve water, electricity, and gas. Even residential washing machines have smart programs. All that you have to do is to load the clothes, turn it on, and it will determine how much water and soap will be needed based on the weight of the load.

Automatic Sorting

In the past, you will have to manually sort whatever will be washed based on the type of fabric that is used. This can be time-consuming, especially in the case of industrial laundries. Thankfully, with laundry automation, this is no longer necessary. All that you have to do is to load everything and the equipment will sort them out depending on the material. It will improve productivity while making sure that laundry employees do not suffer from excruciating body pain as a result of manual sorting.

Automatic Folding

In 2018, a $16,000 laundry robot has been introduced, which uses artificial intelligence to automatically fold laundry. This can be a substantial investment, but for industrial or commercial laundry, it is sure to be worth it. It replaces manual labor. After the clothes have been washed, the robot will be the one to do the sorting and the folding. It also has the ability to automatically determine the best way to fold each item depending on what it is. This will help minimize the need for human labor in a laundry facility.

Voice Control

Our voice is more powerful these days. You can use it even when it comes to controlling your appliances at home. Want to dim the lights, turn on the music, or change the temperature in the room? You can do all of these things with a quick voice command. Alternatively, although still in its relative infancy, laundry equipment can also be controlled using your voice. Depending on the brand, your voice can command the machine to turn on and off or change wash cycles, among other things.

With the automated processes that have been mentioned above, it is indeed apparent that laundry machines have gone a long way, presenting tons of opportunities to improve efficiency, especially for industrial and commercial laundry businesses.