Using Video Marketing to Convey Your Message

Just a few years ago, video on the web was a rarity that could slow navigation to absurd extremes. Simply downloading a movie with a half-pixel resolution could take not hours, days; and that with a good connection, \could be directly impossible. There is nothing that shows technological evolution in such a graphic way than the fact that we can now watch 4K movies in streaming. Nowadays, having this resource to show valuable content should be fundamental in the online communication of any company, and that is why we want to talk to you about video in web design.

The Video Element

Video has become one more element of web design. The pages are a long way from that block of text with some photos here and there. For those of us who are dedicated to digital marketing and focus our efforts on selling a product, it is a blessing. There is no better way to sell something than to see it in action and the closest thing we have is, in many cases, a video.

Convey the Message

Video conveys your message very effectively. If the product or service you want to sell is rare or novel, there is no better way to explain what it is about than with a video in which you can see it in action. What would otherwise be three or four paragraphs of text that will depend on the reader’s imagination to make an image can be explained in just a minute and a half. It is more digestible, and it requires less mental effort to process and retain the information. A video is more convincing than an image.

Creating A Connection

The audiovisual is a language that has a great capacity to achieve emotional resonance in the audience. This is ideal for online marketing since it allows us to have a tool that reinforces the link between our brand and the potential client. Humans are tremendously emotional beings, if you manage to mean something to a person, you are a little closer to making a sale, and even repeat it.

Help Generate More Sales

All this means that the use of video leads to increasing the sales of a business. There are studies that speak of growths of up to 80%, although that may depend a lot on the type of business and the target we are targeting.

Video Has Excellent ROI

A few decades ago, a corporate video was something only affordable for the highest budgets. However, as in so many other aspects, the development of technology has made it increasingly accessible. Today there are really competent cameras for an affordable price, and the same can be said for editing tools. Obviously, the higher the budget, the better the result is supposed, but it depends on what you need, even with a smartphone it can be enough!


SEO is the great battlefield of today. Any element that can help you climb a few positions in Google search results is welcome. In addition, it is evident that it likes the video concept of marketing. SEO Austin is one of the services that you could tap into at MOTOZA Digital Marketing.