Essential Reasons for Hiring an Employment Lawyer 

If you were wondering about the reasons for hiring a New Jersey employment lawyer, consider the below-mentioned few essential reasons for hiring an employment lawyer. 

  • The company or the employer not reaching an agreeable solution 

When you discuss your grievances with the HR department, rest assured they are legally bound to protect your legal rights. However, an important aspect to remember would be they work for the same employer as you do. Therefore, the chances of their allegiances with the employer would be relatively higher. 

Consider hiring an employment lawyer to discuss an appropriate solution with the HR, the employer, or his attorney during negotiations. An employment lawyer would seek the best solution to settle the issue while keeping your interests to the fore. 

  • Your discussion for a solution with the union representative was disappointing 

Your discussion with the union representative might not end up as favorable as you might have thought. There is no point prolonging your issue before the union representative if you feel they are not providing a suitable solution to the problem. A good option would be to look for an employment lawyer at your behest representing you in the best possible way. 

You may not require hiring an attorney for participating in the mediation program. The mediator would decide the role of the lawyer during mediation. However, if you contemplate hiring a lawyer to represent you during mediation, consider discussing it with the mediator before the mediation session. 

  • An employment lawyer could help solve the issues out of court 

Mostly, most things would quicken their pace on a mere mention of an attorney. It could reduce the run-around time, as your employer would not consider pursuing the case further. It would be worth mentioning that the Department of Justice would determine whether to continue the case or not. 

  • An employment lawyer is your best bet to save the job 

At times, an employer would terminate your employment without following the labor and employment rules or laws. Your employment lawyer would ensure the employer adheres to the labor laws and employment rules in the decisions made further. The lawyer ensures that any act committed in haste or ignorance would be dealt with the employment rules and laws. 

  • The statute of limitations 

Before you contemplate filing a lawsuit against the employer, learn about the statute of limitations. It would entail the rules and limitations for filing a lawsuit. Your employer would try to run out the time limit if a competent and experienced employment lawyer is not by your side. 

These reasons are adequate to find and hire a suitable employment lawyer. 

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