The Ultimate Guide To Virtual Hiring Events

Although in-person hiring has its pros, the most effective way is through virtual hiring events in today’s modern world. Organizations and recruiters need to engage passive and active job seekers and communicate with them frequently. If the recruiters are willing to enhance their overall hiring procedures and success rate, they should communicate early with the job seekers and engage with them.  Brazen Virtual hiring events have become the secret weapon to the success of the recruitment process and competition for the top talent. In this guide, we will learn how to organize a virtual hiring fair, the benefits and the reasons for virtual hiring events.

How to Plan a Virtual Hiring Event

With the industry abuzz with virtual hiring fairs, one can wonder where to start organizing one and what one needs to organize a successful virtual hiring event. This comprehensive guide/ article will walk you through everything there is to know about virtual hiring events and how to maximize the event platform. There are also some tricks that will guide an individual in hosting a virtual hiring event. But first, what is a virtual hiring event?

The Meaning of a Virtual Hiring Event

A virtual hiring event is a platform created to bring recruiters and candidates together in a virtual setting. The platform provides a way to interact through video chats, audio and texts. The virtual hiring fair has similarities with in-person hiring, only that it’s more convenient compared to in-person hiring. Job seekers can access the virtual hiring event through a tablet, computer or phone as long as they have a stable internet connection.

As the HR teams and the recruiters manage the virtual hiring event well, it gives the attendees the chance to interact with and chat with real people throughout the event. Also, the attendees can pursue anything from the job openings, such as downloading company information, and streaming videos and images, as the potential candidate waits to speak to someone from the particular company.

Another fact about virtual hiring events is that the guests can log in to the fair without traveling to the physical location. This means that the companies can resource talent nationally, internationally and locally. It also saves time since there’s no travel. The organizers of these virtual events can do so in the comfort of their homes. The platform also gives the attendees the chance to engage in educational components of the virtual hiring event and even attract more numbers of potential candidates.

Reasons for Virtual Hiring Events

Although in-person hiring is unavoidable in some cases, most employers have found the virtual hiring process as the most effective way to get a pool of potential candidates. It helps them save on time and resources needed during in-person hiring. There are many benefits that come with virtual hiring events. Some of the reasons employers prioritize virtual hiring fairs include:

The Attendees Can Save Money And Time

The virtual hiring events bring career opportunities to potential candidates from across the nation and even internationally. With the present economy, job seekers no longer have to allocate money and time to go to in-person hiring procedures. So, the job seekers don’t have to organize bus fares, work schedules or child care to attend the hiring event, which can be inconvenient and costly. The virtual fairs also give a chance for employers to have a vast pool of potential candidates to diversify their talents.

It Gives A Higher Attendance Number

A well planned virtual event has the ability to attract more potential candidates if marketed well. Since they are convenient in that the candidates can log in from wherever they are, most people are likely to attend the event. It will also attract other potential candidates locally, internationally and nationally. This will help you gather a pool of talents from across the nation.

It Helps Expand The Talent Pool

Traditional interviews can limit the reach of target candidates because of the costs involved in in-person hiring procedures. However, virtual hiring fairs don’t restrict themselves to a specific physical location. Therefore, employers can attract top candidates globally, nationally and locally with such unique talents.

Creates an Effective Connection

Even without physical interaction, virtual hiring events fosters an environment where job seekers and organizations can connect. The ability to quickly and effectively conduct audio and video calls with potential candidates gives recruiters and job seekers a chance to interact. The effective connection can lead to choosing the top candidates for the next step of their job application with features allowing the recruiters to leave comments, ratings and reviews of each conversation they have with the candidates.

Gives Measurable Results

Virtual fairs enable the recruiters to have measurable trends and metrics. It would help the recruiters look for virtual software that allows them to see the candidates in attendance and capture information on the number of chats completed, attendance rate, and the candidates’ movement into the pipeline. It also lets the employees review candidate resumes, event registration insights, critical interview answers, and other vital details of the job seekers in attendance. The data the recruiters collect can offer valuable insight into the candidates, improve how they screen the candidates and help improve the aspects of upcoming virtual hiring fairs in the future.

Provides Real-Time Feedback

With an effective virtual hiring software, the job seekers connect with the organizations and receive fast and real-time feedback. It also allows the potential candidates to ask questions before making a conclusive decision about applying for a particular job.


With the advancement of technology, everything is going digital, from the hiring processes to how companies handle specific procedures in their organizations. Virtual hiring events are the most effective way to bring a pool of different and unique talents globally, locally and nationally. Virtual hiring fairs have proven to be more beneficial and effective than traditional hiring through in-person hiring. However, recruiters looking to have a successful virtual hiring event should have effective virtual hiring software to make the entire process smooth and successful.