Parkway Display China Manufacturer – Understanding the Facts

It is a fact that Parkway Display China Manufacturer is one of the trustworthy manufacturer as well as supplier of acrylic displays. It majorly specializes in fabrication including display box prototyping. The firm has developed a strong customer base by concentrating in establishing sturdy customer relationship, providing topnotch cardboard displays and adhering to wholesale pricing rules. The firm has also put in place measures to eradicate some challenges faced in the industry and this has made it very competitive.


 The Parkway Display China Manufacturer primarily focuses in designing, manufacturing and fabricating various kinds of cardboard displays. On top of that, the firm has special interest in in-house prototyping as well as manufacturing acrylic display stands, LED displays, boxes, cosmetic displays just to mention a few. Its facility is located in Wanchai, China.

The firm has always ensured that their customers are satisfied by employing aggressive pricing policy, customization of the displays and enhanced technical support. Better yet, the firm use different types of materials when manufacturing acrylic displays for instance polycarbonates, ABS, acrylite as well as non-glare products that are environment friendly.

As mentioned previously, the firm’s main focus is to develop high quality products. This is achieved by using very advanced tools and machinery. A good example of the advanced machinery being used is laser marking machine. The firm also uses polishing as well as CNC machine in manufacturing their products. The firm also have high precision cutting equipment. Also, the firm only employ qualified and experienced technicians or engineers to help in providing innovative as well as top quality products every customer demands. The firm has undoubtedly followed standardized procedures coupled with topnotch customer support, competitive pricing and technical knowhow that makes them the largest acrylic display cards among other cardboard displays.

The firm has developed a prestigious reputation amidst its clients and has bagged many awards in several awards in Packaging and Printing Fairs. The firm has a massive interest in packaging, transit, printing and displays. The firm also provides displays, printing, and production services so the clients have freedom to choose from these range of services. It is for this reason why the firm has become the top leader in packaging and printing sector.

Parkway Display China Manufacturer have lots of overseas and local clients. The firm has successfully handled thousands of projects for local and international clients. The firm is supplying some of the largest online stores around with numerous types of packaging including other in-store displays.

The main reason why Parkway Display has become so successful is that it is focused in satisfying its clients’ actual needs. It has created a cohesive solution customized to fulfil its clients ‘requirements. Its products are very easy to assemble and also affordable and customizable. If you are a customer, you can just send the instructions or details of how you want your display to look like then you can sit back and the firm will conduct one-stop procure of crafting your cardboard display with the help of its skilled technicians.