floor burnisher

Refinishing and stripping floors is probably the most expensive cleaning task for custodial operations managers. Labor costs continue to rise, at the same time that money available to maintain clean facilities decreases. When floors aren’t refinished and stripped often enough, floors start looking dull, and the image of your facility is at risk. A cost-effective way to keep floor finishes looking bright and clean can go a long way toward customer satisfaction. A key ingredient that will enhance floor shine is a floor burnisher. A burnisher can shine the finish on a floor to a high gloss, while at the same time enabling an operator to cover great expanses of floor in a small amount of time.


What are some of the many benefits of using a floor burnisher?

  • Burnishers run at high speeds. and the interaction between a floor finish and a burnishing pad generates a high shine, frequently called the “wet look”
  • A floor burnisher covers extensive areas in a short amount of time. A good example of this are supermarkets. A late night customer might notice dull floors during their visit. In just a few hours, those same floors are shining!
  • Burnishers are economical. They decrease the period of time necessary to polish floors, which translates into appreciable savings. Because of these savings, floors can be burnished more often
  • Light reflects better from a floor that is highly polished. When floors are clean and shining, it makes the entire location look cleaner
  • Well-maintained and clean floors translate into safer floors. A good burnishing and floor cleaning program results in a slip-resistant surface that customers can walk on safely
  • Many floor finishes that are produced today are meant to be used with high-speed floor burnishers. They’re also especially designed to leave a high luster level that is visually appealing to customers
  • The image of your facility will be enhanced when you use floor burnishers
  • Burnishers are available in many sizes and power choices. You can choose a battery operated, propane operated, or electric burnisher

Are there any limitations or down sides to burnishers? There are a few, but these can be addressed easily by a knowledgeable distributor. First, some wall outlets might not be the correct amperage, which is challenging when utilizing electric burnishers. Electric equipment uses a lot of power when first started, and there’s a possibility of blown circuit breakers. Second, you might need other floor care equipment. Floor burnishers are fabulous, but they can’t do everything, and should be considered as part  of a comprehensive floor care system. Third, the machines must be kept clean. If they are allowed to get dirty, the capability of your equipment can be limited. Finally, make sure that the floor you plan to burnish has been cleaned beforehand. If a burnisher is used on dirty floors, the floor’s finish might be damaged.