Expanding Business and Boosting Outcomes With Alejandro Pena, CEO of Keter

The global pandemic fundamentally altered the way in which we interact with one another. Human behavior changed, at a minimum, and lives changed dramatically as a result. This meant that behavioral changes included changing how individuals chose to eat, shop, and even interface with their loved ones.

As the world continues in its return to some semblance of normalcy, there are certain outcomes that have stuck around longer than others. According to research compiled by Alejandro Pena, CEO of Keter Group, sales of outdoor furniture have continued to rise as these habits continue to shift.

Keter Group is a durable outdoor furniture company that specializes in indoor/outdoor home goods and decor. Founded in Israel more than 75 years ago, Keter Group has grown by leaps and bounds since the introduction of Alejandro Pena as CEO of the company in 2018.

Leadership Under Alejandro Pena

As the CEO of Keter Group, Pena has long been focused on cultivating an ethos that focuses on customers more than anything. This mindset has helped the company to grow in a post-pandemic environment where the habits of consumers have continued to change and shift. Through these changes, hybrid shoppers utilizing both offline and online experiences have become a leading influence.

As the leader of the Keter Group, Pena has been instrumental in helping the company build its omnichannel brand in these new hybrid shopping channels. From developing products to showcasing offers and support services,  Alejandro Pena aims to have Keter accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Pena said of his efforts to build an omnichannel brand, “We will serve our customers wherever they are, whenever they want, in every possible way they want.”

Stewardship of the Environment

To continue increasing the customer experience, Pena decided to place himself in their shoes to understand their experience better. What was annoying to them? What was impressing customers regularly? Pena points to the recyclable resin material used on their designer products as a point of progress compared to competitors.

Pena says, “Our products are built to last a very long time, well beyond one summer, which is one of the benefits of using a resin material.”

Understanding the role that corporate consciousness plays in marketing to today’s consumers, Pena and the team at Keter Group has placed special importance on the role of developing sustainable strategies. Already green, thanks to their recyclable resin concepts, Keter Group also developed Keter Green Spaces as a sustainability initiative to provide support through education, connection, and community.

As Pena continues to develop the corporate strategy at Keter Group, the business itself continues to find success in expanding. Alejandro Pena points to his time at Rubbermaid as one of the pivotal reasons for his ready-to-work activity. Pena said, “I learned about product management, innovation, consumer centricity, and the importance of brands at Rubbermaid.”