How To Appeal And Win An Amazon Account Suspension?

The craze to shop online has increased comparatively a lot in the past few months. And in the days of the pandemic, online shopping was the biggest savior for people all around the country. Even though many of the sellers saw a huge surge in their business, the risk of getting suspended from the respective eCommerce websites remains high. And the main fear is for Amazon as they work quite dedicatedly and value customer satisfaction the most.

Hence, no discrepancy related to the delivery package or shipment schedule is tolerated by them for long. However, if you have got an Amazon account suspension, and are clueless about what to do next, don’t stress about it anymore and just read ahead to find out what to do next.

Here are the main reasons because of which Amazon tends to suspend an account and the ways by which you can make a proper amazon appeal for the stated issues are also being included along with it.

Type 1: You have knocked off a performance metric of Amazon more than once.

This is the main reason why most of the sellers get suspended these days. And even if you are a good businessman, the repeated excision of a certain metric for a notable period can force Amazon to suspend you. The company would keep on giving you warning notices for a certain period, and if you don’t rectify your service even after that,  you are bound to get suspended soon enough.

However, you can appeal a performance metric suspension and those are granted immediately if you can manage to incorporate certain points strongly. Make sure to accept and acknowledge the issue as well as its impact on the customer. Build a strategy accordingly and jot down the ways how you can deal with these situations more accurately from next time so that you can save yourself from getting suspended.  Amazon is just going to consider your action plan and making that in a precise way will sort out the major part of the issue in no time.

Type 2: You were doing something which was against the terms and conditions of Amazon.

Did you sell your product after quite some time from the normal shipping date? And did you miss to inform them again and again as well? There are several other ways by which the seller ends up doing stuff against the terms of service of Amazon and in those instances, the company does take certain harsh measures for giving a ‘good lesson for their mistake’. These drastic actions many times include banning you from offering the service permanently.

In that case, you need to wait for three long years to get back to working with Amazon. And not having a stable income for such a long time can be very frustrating for you. So you can opt for an Amazon suspension appeal after consulting with certain professionals and specialists who are having proper knowledge about these terms.